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Lamm at Large: Wilt belongs in debate, too

By DAVID LAMM Kudos to my 1010XL colleague Dan Hicken. In a recent segment on our morning show, The Drill, Hicken argued the Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate about who is the best ever should include Wilt Chamberlain. I agree 100 percent. Chamberlain’s legacy will always be hurt because of his team’s battles against Bill Russell…Continue Reading »

Have fun with lists, that’s all

By DAVID LAMM Things I’m thinking about: If the players took it seriously, the NFL Network’s list of top 100 players would be as close to accurate as you could get. But, of course, most of them don’t. Like the media, they look at the statistics and team records. Who had the most catches, the…Continue Reading »

If I was commissioner of all American Sports

Think how great it would be if I was made the all-powerful commissioner of all American sports. I’m taking about from T-Ball baseball to the NFL. Some the rulings I’d make: All of baseball’s unwritten rules would be written down. NCAA transfer rule would apply the exact same for coaches and player. For example, if…Continue Reading »

Lamm at Large – Open is tough but fair

By DAVID LAMM A few years ago, the United States Golf Association made a wise decision. It quit trying to embarrass the world’s best golfers in the U.S. Open. By no means did the USGA go soft on the players. No course is tougher throughout the year than the Open course. The course setup is…Continue Reading »

There’s Tiger – and bunch more

By DAVID LAMM I’ve got bad news for you Tiger haters. You’ve going to get bombarded with Tiger this and Tiger that, Tiger what if and Tiger just maybe . . . yeah, it will be Tiger, Tiger, Tiger all the time. It’s U.S. Open week and the tournament is being played in the backyard…Continue Reading »

Lamm at Large: Jags 12-4? Maybe; 6-10? Maybe

By DAVID LAMM About Jaguars and Eagles: There are basically two schools of thoughts about the 2018 Jaguars. One, which includes most Jaguars fans and the First Coast media, see the Jaguars as a championship-caliber team. Anything less than the AFC South title and a playoff victory will be considered a major disappointment. If the…Continue Reading »

Lamm at Large – Good judges, bad judges

By DAVID LAMM A couple of things I was thinking about . . . A lot of people have been angry, worried and disgusted ever since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled sports betting legal from coach to coast, depending upon the approval of induvial states. Expect 40 or more states to vote yes. Gambling is…Continue Reading »

Lamm at Large – Not a big Fournette fan

Lamm at Large – Not a big Fournette fan

By David Lamm At the risk of being stoned by my local media colleagues, allow me a freedom-of-speech moment: I think Leonard Fournette was average, at best, as a rookie. I know there were some injury issues. He certainly seems to have the ability to take his game up a notch, to Pro Bowl-caliber, but…Continue Reading »

Lamm at Large – The mystery continues at UF

Written by David Lamm A couple of things I was thinking about: Taven Bryan left Florida last December to prepare for the NFL draft, a wise decision considering the fact he became the Jaguars’ 1st-round draft pick. He didn’t return to campus to visit his former Gator teammates until this spring and was surprised, shocked…Continue Reading »

Summer isn’t so bad

Summer blues and money talk: Summer officially runs from late June to late September, but for most of us summer started this week, with Memorial Day, and runs through Labor Day. It also started the most hated part of the year for you couch potatoes, fantasy geeks, small bettor and, in general, most football fans.…Continue Reading »