LAMM AT LARGE: Georgia Bulldogs need to watch out

LAMM AT LARGE: Georgia Bulldogs need to watch out

By: David Lamm

Dare I say it, even as a whisper?

Could the Georgia-Florida game, coming up in 17 days, be competitive? I can’t believe what I’m thinking, but, yes, yes it could be.

Everything is coming up roses in Gator Nation. No one is singing the praises of their quarterback, Feleipe Franks, but they aren’t looking for tar and feathers either. He’s making some plays and not screwing up too much. Meanwhile the defense, special teams and play-calling are being praised.

In Dawg Nation, the team is 6-0 and again in position to be a playoff team. So why is Coach Kirby Smart complaining so much? Nothing seems to be good enough.

And there’s the juggling of the quarterbacks. Jake Fromm is so solid, so consistent; Justin Fields flashes remarkable skills. Stay with Fromm; turn it over to Fields, stays with both.

I guess it’s a matter of expectations.

Whatever, we could have a heck of a Georgia-Florida game.

Nick Saban is unhappy. He doesn’t think the Alabama students are giving their schoolmates enough love.

The Crimson Tide coach spoke out last week against the empty seats in the student sections, saying he expected to get criticized for doing so.

Okay, I’m one critic.

First, did you notice where the student seats were? In the end zone. So much for saying the reason to play the games at all is for the students’ pleasure. Sure, I know big-time college football has gotten way beyond that, but that was the initial reason for collegiate sports.

Second, how about scheduling more challenging home games. Really, how much fun is to watch a blowout? That simply cuts into party time.

Third, you’ve spoiled your fans, including the students, by being too good. You blow out just about everyone you play.
So, I’m afraid you’re going to have to be content with empty seats and less cheering and go cry in your massive office surrounded by all of those SEC and national championship trophies.