There’s Tiger – and bunch more


I’ve got bad news for you Tiger haters. You’ve going to get bombarded with Tiger this and Tiger that, Tiger what if and Tiger just maybe . . . yeah, it will be Tiger, Tiger, Tiger all the time.

It’s U.S. Open week and the tournament is being played in the backyard of the U.S. media capitol, New York City. That increases Tigermania even more. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, among Long Island’s oldest and snootiest clubs, is the host.

Tiger Woods is more poised than ever to complete his latest comeback with another major championship. He has taken big steps each time out. First, he showed he could complete again. Then his short game came into form.

But . . .pre-Masters hype died when it was obvious his nervous needed more time under the bright spotlight. In The Players it was obvious he was still shaky trying certain shots.

Now, a lot of folks EXPECT him to win. I’m not talking about chumps like you and me. A two-time Tour winner, now retired, predicted a Tiger victory in a recent conversation.

Seriously, I said.

Absolutely, he replied. I think he was speaking for a lot of folks.

If Tiger does prevail, it will rank among his greatest major championships and not just because of this being his fourth comeback from major surgeries.

There’s more talent at the top in golf than ever before. Tiger is his prime would have difficulty with this group. In his heyday, Tiger faced Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els and occasionally a few others.

This year that group numbers a dozen of more, and none of them are intimidated by Tiger.

My pick: Justin Rose.